May 18, 2010

Know Nothing

Mid year exam timetablee = . =
I just lovee


During exam
Positive : Back home early * 1.05 PM
Don't have to bring lotss of book :D

Realized I didn't even start my revision yet.
I did a bit. Ngeh
BOOM ! My brain explode. hahaha :D

End my craps here. Ciao
See you in the next life.

May 16, 2010


One day
I caught myself smiling for no reason
Then I realized
I was thinking of you

Ngeh =x

Missed call (2)

Vanse * terkejut O . o

Then terus text him

Me : Why call ? ( actually I was excited but don't show it coz I am ego )
Vanse : Next month I balik Penang. Hangout sekali nak ?
Me : Bole jea
Vanse : Okay then meet nanti. Tata :)
Me : Okay bye.

Lepas text him, online and search his myspace
Too bad, he deleted it
Text him again and asked why dia delete ms
Last night die text and call
So semalam on call dgn die agak lame ah
Merepek + gile gile :D
Story kat die pasal jumpa chipmunk time hangout dkat BJ Mall

Me : U, why mengada sangat ?
Vanse : Suka hati I ah na mengada dgan U. Nanti time hangout I lagi mengada tau.
Me : No way, nanti GF U marahh. Bluek
Vanse : Dia dekat sana pun I tktau ape dia buad. hump
Me : U mengada I bagi penampo. Nak ?
Vanse : I gigit U
*evil laugh
Me : Silent. Mengada ah !

And sooo on lah
On call dgn die ni sampai esok pun tak habis
You cepat - cepat balik okay.
Nak hangout dgn awak
Nak merepek dgn awak
Nak gile-gile dgn awak
Nak scream dgn awak
Nak ketawa dgn awak

P/S : SUPER HAPPYY rite now ^^

May 15, 2010


cough cough*
Heyya bloggers. Lama kod aku tk update blog.
I've got new disease. Lazy online-ing
It's a miracle coz i've never get this disease before. Instead i'll be half dead if i didn't online for 1 day. LOL

Oh oh I do love this drama ! Adamayaaa
But drama ni dah habes. Dah ta bole tgok cute little Amani :(
I amm so addict with her cuteness.


P/S : na download drama ni. x-po ada link. wee ^^


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