Oct 9, 2010

Happiness is where we find it, but rarely where we seek it

Feeling are much like waves,
We can't stop them from coming
But we can choose
which one to start :)

Readers, for this entry I'm using this format " More pictures less words " Hee :D
Went to Tari Cafe Penang last night ,

Actually this is my family's cafe. My uncle's name is Tari. Before this ada western food only but now dah ada Nasi Dalca Tari. 
Open till 3 a.m.
Then I was thinking this is why Malaysian people have " obesity " :D

My dinner ;)

Chicken chop and ice choco blend *Yummy 

3rd from back is Uncle Tari's daughter 
She's getting married. Uuwww ;)

I sat there and dengar dorang sembang. Hal ehwal orang dewasa. So I'm getting bored and bored. Then I order Special Burger. Shared with my brother. Hee :D

Then my daddy wanna pay but Kak Shikin cakap tak payah. Abah cakap business still business. I was like  = . = "  Haha whatever.

That's all cheeky muppets :D

Oct 8, 2010

Don't wish. Wishing only wounds the heart

It kills me to know you're online
But won't talk to me
And it's then that i realize
She's on too

It has been quite some time since I blog last time. So how are you people ? Miss-me ? Laugh out loud xD
Mayn, I miss my blog. I'm so blank right now. But just now I think I've lot to tell. Suddenly *puff* it dissapeared. Oh yeah, I'm done with my Account assignment and now final exam is coming. I should be studying now. Am I right ? Kejap lagi boleh tak ? Teehee :D

Let me tell you something. It's about my life now. For sure I have my lovely family and my awesome friends :)
But mayn, I think there's a lack. I'm going through this world without human being called ' boyfriend '. If it is my preordination then it's okay. Maybe I should flow through it. Even it is damn hard sometime. Pfft

Now, mesti korang fikir ' Ape jadah la budak ni merepek. Lempang gak karang ' Hahaha :D
Nak keluar lah. Pegi kedai. Nak beli snack and chocolate. Anyone accompany me? Bosan tahu jalan sorang. Nanti kena kejar anjing. Hee :D


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