Oct 8, 2010

Don't wish. Wishing only wounds the heart

It kills me to know you're online
But won't talk to me
And it's then that i realize
She's on too

It has been quite some time since I blog last time. So how are you people ? Miss-me ? Laugh out loud xD
Mayn, I miss my blog. I'm so blank right now. But just now I think I've lot to tell. Suddenly *puff* it dissapeared. Oh yeah, I'm done with my Account assignment and now final exam is coming. I should be studying now. Am I right ? Kejap lagi boleh tak ? Teehee :D

Let me tell you something. It's about my life now. For sure I have my lovely family and my awesome friends :)
But mayn, I think there's a lack. I'm going through this world without human being called ' boyfriend '. If it is my preordination then it's okay. Maybe I should flow through it. Even it is damn hard sometime. Pfft

Now, mesti korang fikir ' Ape jadah la budak ni merepek. Lempang gak karang ' Hahaha :D
Nak keluar lah. Pegi kedai. Nak beli snack and chocolate. Anyone accompany me? Bosan tahu jalan sorang. Nanti kena kejar anjing. Hee :D

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