Dec 8, 2011

Jangan nak freedom sangat lahh :D

Hyee readers. Opst awyn ada reader lagi ke ? Ahha OMG lamaa sangat tak update my blogmushuk ni. Yeahh finally SPM is over!! Actually dah habis 5 December 2011 but rasa macam malas nak update kat blog. Hee sorry guys. It's time to put your hands up in the air :D

So, cakap pasal SPM ni everybody have their own plan after SPM kan ? So do I. My plan is nak married. Haha gatal kan peah ni. Jokejoke. Mana bolehh bagitau what's my plan. It's a topsecret. Hee. Btw, for sure every ex SPM candidates can't wait for their freedom. Freedom² jugak but we need to know our limit right ? Don't do ape yang parents tak bagi buad. Act, it's a reminder for myself jugakk.Ahhah kbyee cuppycake :)


  1. @Cik AishAhhah saja kan suka buad org takod. Tp mmg btol pun. Tmbah² skrg ni, msa lagy cepat berlalu :)



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