Aug 3, 2010

Did I care ?

This friend is my adversity I shall always cherish most
I can better trust those who helped to relieve
the gloom of my dark hours than 
those who are so ready to enjoy with me
the sunshine of my prosperity 

Hello my dear readers ! Sorry cause I didn't update my lovely blog. My computer got damaged ! When I on my fuckin LCD and puff* nothing appear. What the hell I hate this. I've repair it ! Not I'm the one who repair but I send it to don't know somewhere lah. Hahha I'm crapping ignore me. And now it works ! Super dupper happy :)

Okay people now what I wanna post ? Nah no idea at this moment. Finally UK 2 is finished. And the result is ? = . = " My life ? So far so good. Oh, I love my classmates. More post coming soon.

Bytheway, little hey little ho August !

Note : Awak, thanks selalu teman saya :)

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