Aug 10, 2010

Hangout with Mybabe

Last Sunday I have fun hanging out with my mates :)
Eh baru sekarang na post kan ?
Haish bukan ape, haritu mmg na post but the post editor was like LMAO
It takes minute to upload picture - . - "
Planning wanna hangout with Evelyn, Yvonne, Diana and Suhaila
And going to watch this movie 

Uww both of them ghost movie
But plan tak menjadi :(
Just Me, Diana and Suhaila went
Hmm, we watched Curse of The Deserted and the movie was so bored for me
Not scary at all. Zzzz ~

Then we ate A&W

I am soo full after drinking the Root Beer Float. Hee xD
After that, we played gameees ! 

Diana playing stupid dance game i think :D
Bam-bam and lose. Hahhahaxzx

We went back home around 6.30 p.m something
While waiting for my daddy at Starbucks, I saw a guy and his face macam Dinar :D

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