Nov 3, 2010

Cum'on. Get a life

You can close your eyes
To things you don't want to see
But you can't close your heart
To things you don't want to feel

Exam is over and here I am. Updating my bloggy. Whaddup readers? Afte this, bloggy akan selalu di-update okay. InsyaAllah :)

Bytheway, B - Monstaa thanks for everything you've done to me. I really really appreciate it <3
  • When u do something, even that thing is hard, u still do it.
  • If I badmood or I'm angry with someone, sometimes I lepaskan kat u. Pity u 
  • You suka apa yang I suka and you buad apa yang I buad 
  • You jadi teman day-dreaming I
  • You faham perangai I yang suka bebal ni
  • Sometimes I termarah you tapi you cool jek
  • If you marah I, you tak tunjuk and last last u yang mintak maaf. Jahat btol I ni kan
  • And and you're always by my side :')

Bubblymonster, you are the best and you will always be

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