Nov 5, 2010

Polar Bear Menguap :D

It's 3.33 a.m and I'm still awake. Baru habis tengok movie 'The Terminal'. Nice story and kinda funny that's why I'm awake till 3.35 a.m cause tengok movie ni sampai habis. Everyone is asleep and I'm the only one depan tv laughing like hell yeah. Haha :D

Pheeeww chill-lah esok kan holiday. Teehee :D So what's up with my title kan ? Yelah my annoying brother selalu cakap  
"Menguap macam polar bear tak reti tutup mulut" 
Duhh shut upp. Sibuk jek. Heeww taksuka btol lah.

Okay okay I think I should go to bed.
Soo, nyte nyte assalamualaikum :)

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