Mar 17, 2010

L - O - O - S - E - R

Pfft. I had enough with that fuckin girl !
you keep telling " people like to copy your style "
ape yang kau ada weyhh ? mcam FUCK
don't act like you're an angel
okay ? sedar diri tu sikit. Pfft
kau pun ade copycat org la. GTH LA BIATCH - . -
org suka ni kau pun terhegeh-hegeh suka jugak
lepas tu heboh org yang copy kau. perangai mcam kimak
FYI you're nothing. So stop acting like you're everything. Okay ?
One more thing i regret cause knowing you
I shouldn't being closed with you in the first place
For god sake, you makes me hate you (!)
I don't need a LOOSER like you. fuck off from my life


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